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The following Railway Undertakings already trust us and use the RAILCUBE solution to run their operations:

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The company MEDWAY SPAIN is the new Spanish branch of Portuguese rail freight operator MEDWAY (formerly CP Carga) which is owned by the Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC), the world’s second largest container shipping company. MEDWAY is launching regular lines connecting Lisbon to the Spanish town of Córdoba, with stops in Seville and Mérida. Another regular line will be between Valencia and Madrid. The company is aiming at responding to the demand for the transport of agriculture and industrial products by rail by large container shipping groups. The service will be launched in cooperation with MSC.

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From the beginning, our goal is to offer integrated and competitive logistics solutions in the Iberian market. The Takargo solutions innovated in the development of new railway tracks in the Iberian Peninsula, guaranteeing more efficient connections with economic and environmental advantages. We believe that only a culture of excellence can lead us to achieve our goals. That is why we invest in customer satisfaction, in the valuation of employees, in compliance with safety rules and monitoring of good environmental practices.