Rail Cargo Carrier Germany GmbH chooses RailCube

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30 augustus 2017
COMSA Rail Transport chooses RailCube
22 november 2017
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Rail Cargo Carrier Germany GmbH (RCC-DE) – the German branch of Rail Cargo Carrier (freight activities of ӦBB), has announced that it has started a pilot with RailCube for the next 3 months.
Managing Director for RCC-DE, Mr. Anton Forstner, is happy that the pilot phase has started: “we’ve considered quite a few options for Operations Management and are happy to be working with the RailCube team towards a future strategic partnership. Once the pilot is successfully concluded we are going to utilize the RailCube suite of applications for the next 3 years”.

Ernstjan Aalbersberg, director at Softlogix, developer of RailCube adds: “We are happy that such a large international carrier as Rail Cargo Carrier has chosen RailCube as its new platform for Operations Management. Our full suite of modules together with our competitive pricing and continuously new and innovative features align perfectly with the Rail Cargo Carrier business”.

Rail Cargo Carrier (RCC) offers international production connections to all clients of the Rail Cargo Group in ten countries of Europe (Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic). RCC guarantees high quality in the whole logistic and transport chain via the cross-border cooperation and continuous international production. Emphasis is laid on top quality block trains in Central, Southeast and Northwest Europe.

By using the modern transnational IT applications, the intra-group safety management system and the modern locomotive operation, the clients of the Rail Cargo Group can enjoy a central competitive advantage: fast and reliable cross-border traction at competitive prices.

For more information about this press release, please send an email to info@railcube.com

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